11 September 2009

Don't worry, be curious...

This is our Final Project for Design Theory, with the theme "Don't worry, be curious...

I did it with my teammate, which is Victor and Frankie.
The idea was came to me when they were talking about the "Stop Motion"
After that, I am thinking the whole story of the stop motion with some of their suggestion/idea...

Yea... we have fun during the time, and almost laugh from the beginning until the end, but the whole story is fine, just the out come is not like what I am imagines.

The whole story that in my mind is quite funny actually, but we faced a lot of problem to make it out such as no idea how to use photoshop, got argument with each other, computer keep coming out problem when using the movie maker, a lot of things we can't make it as what we wanted.

Another thing is that we can't really find the background as what we wanted. In addition, is the song that we used. Actually, we wanted to get some funny song, but we couldn't get it since we are lack of time.

I had confident to say that, if I can do it again... It will be better! Moreover, I will re-do it as my own collection and I will post it here again to compare it.
Yea... now you can enjoy the Stop Motion~

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