13 February 2010

College's Friend

Huh... Finally got time to update my blog.
Actually, I have a lot of things wanted to update,
but when I sit in front of my computer and open my blog home,
I will definitely forgot what I wanted to write.
Fine... At least now I remember one.
Although I wrote a similar post before,
just wanted to add more.

That day I got chance to lunch with them,
but I started to feel strange with them,
and not much topic to talk with them...
Although we still crazy as before,
obviously it has big changes between us.

I started to think...
What is friendship?
How to make it last?
Why other people can keep maintained their relationship?
Why some people met up their old friends still got a lot of things to chat?
Arhhhh... ...
I just wanted to have more friends, why it become so difficult for me.
Sometimes I really feel like I am the extra one in this world,
but this thought only will come when I was depressed.
Well... I will try hard to maintain it.
I Love You, All my friendsss...

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