14 February 2010

Chinese New Year?

What to say on this day?
Happy? Boring?
I think different people got different feeling of this date.
For me, I'm awaiting for it, but when the day come to,
I feel boring, seems no one date me out.
The whole day just staying at home do nothing.
Can see I'm still got time to update my blog,
now you know how free I am.

The day before CNY, we have a class gathering,
two of my best friends didn't attend the gathering,
because they need to "Balik Kampung".
However, I already know I'll just sitting there and do nothing for the gathering.
After look at my entire old classmate, I felt they look not much changes,
and got different "gang" there, one group left and one group right.
I sit between them, and do not know where to join.
The group sitting at left hand side, definitely I won't join them, because we got no topic to talk to, as in our secondary school also nothing much to talk.
For another group, I'm like feeling shy to join them.
So... At the end I just sitting there and chat with the person who sit in front of me.

  Not all is my classmate, some is from another class...

What is the meaning that we have the gathering together,
but didn't talk to each other?
It is better to have a gathering that is only the friends that we can talk to each other? or gather with closer friends?
We have been same class and study together for few years,
just one year didn't meet up each other and now become no more topic to chat.
And now turn to my college.
We just same class for few month, and some for a year,
if after we going to major our course for following years,
what would it be after we graduated?
Arh... ...
Wrote so many, in the end still come back to the friends topic.
Am I really concerning about it?
I also do not now, just it comes to my mind and no one listen to me,
so... no choice... just can wrote it here.

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