20 November 2009

To Love and To Be Loved

The one you like, might not like you,
the one like you, you might not like...
What this call? Fate?

You keep asking who like me? Who I like?
But... you don't know how hurt I am,
I don't care how many admirer I have,
I only care about you.
I am willing to take the risk, just for you.

I really like to see your smiling face...
Although very stupid or nonsense action,
I would do, just wanted to make you smile.

No matter how many word I wrote,
no matter how much I cared about you,
you will never know, and never want to know...
Have you ever thought about one day,
someone tell you they like you?
What is your reaction?
Maybe you will be happy to hear that,
but... if that was me?

Whoever around us,
easily get to know that I like you...
For you...
We are just being closer...
For me...
The more hope I have, the greater the disappointment.

Time passed quickly,
unconsciously I have like you for half a year.
Although not a long time,
I am happy with the time being with you.

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