05 October 2009

Fate『Friends』- S1T1 Coursemate

How we met?
How we become a good friends?
What made you so important in my life?
Why God put us together, but seperated us soon?

Some friends, just know a year,
but they will remember you forever.

Some friends, known for years,
but after several years were separated,
They'll never remember who you are.

Chia Yeong How

As they said "Don't know he is stupid or just lazy"
My first impression  was "He was clever!"
Because he seem like know many things...
Nevertheless... I'm wrong...
We did help him for his homework as well,
but he was likes "Give him an inch and he will take a yard"

Sometimes, when we chat with him,
he'll reply some irrelevance stuff...

I'm speechless with him...

Chng, Alex, Big Boss, Wern Chern

Sorry for no photo with them...
They always are one gang in our class...
Whatever program they have, we wouldn't join.
Whatever program we have, they wouldn't join too.
It is funny?
We are inside the same class,
but separated into few different groups.

Mik Wong Poh Wai

He quite funny actually,
but just had some bad habits...
Don't speak ill of others behind them =x
Yee Ling

At the beginning, I thought she was Malay.
Wearing sunglasses, carrying a bag... Cool!

My first impression was "She was friendly!"
When she saw me still greeted me with a smile...
After we know each other better, I know that she was helpful.

When she doesn't understand, she will be asked many questions.
Some of our classmate afraid she asked some questions they might not understand.
Its Scary >"<

Cristina Chew Jin Yin

Pretty Girl =D
We didn't chat more...
because she was pure English educated,
but she learned Chinese also.

I'm pleasure same group with her before.
Actually, to be her good friend is worth...
"Can improve my English"...LOL

Leong Chong Chern

First come to my mind is..."He like OL"
Everyday can't away from them...
He has cleanliness...
That is why he likes to live alone.
He demanded perfection,
Once he can't make it, he wouldn't have mood to continue.

Sometimes he is capricious/stubborn...
Never thought of other people's feelings...
Still we can be a good friend :D

Tan Chiew Yean

She and Mart always be together,
like a couple...
I'm always can't remember what is her name,
until term two,
We have much more things to talk to...

Kind of good girl, hardwork(actually nothing to do at home XD)

Mart Yeok Chin

Another pretty girl in our class,
but totally different type.

First impression was "She and Yean very quiet"
When we have class, she didn't talk much to us ...

Well, after know her better,
I felt like she was friendly too.

She likes to shop alone...

Daniel Fu

Gangster!!! LOL
Thats was my first impression...
But that was only outward appearance.
Since first day of the class, we already know each other,
because of the fundamental drawing class.

From first term, we already become a good friend,
he always said my English like "fxxx" to encourage other.

Moreover, he become unpopular in the second term,
just because his bad habits.
If asked someone to list down his bad habits,
I think that should be many =x

Well, he will be fly to Australia soon.
Just hope he can enjoy his life there.

Loh Chia Hou

Game Wacko! LOL
He quite quiet, but when he speak...
It like throwing you a BOOM!
Secondly, if you treat him a lunch or whatever for FREE!
Then, take him to sell also he wouldn't care,
and just said yes to you.>.<

Victor Foong Sai Ho

Another Game/Movie Wacko!
At beginning, he was very quiet,
Come to college alone, going back home alone.
But, when inside the msn's conversation he can talk many.

After he forced to become a member of our family,
he is not alone now (i guess XD)

Aam (Mohd Nizam)

The only Malay in our class.
 At the beginning, we always had lunch together,
but I can't afford everydays KFC, so I leave him.

His mind only "Fashion"
Everyday Fashion, Fashion, Fashion...
If you asked him to do others homework instead of Fashion,
he will just said "I'm lazy, no mood to do that!" XD
He likes to be a model too,
you can saw him often take photo for himself.

Sometimes, pity him also...
The only Malay,
Can't follow us to eat Chinese foods,
alone to had lunch.

Danielle Liew

Paid so much money just for passing time =x
This is what she said in 3D class...
Not much impression with her >.<
The only thing I know was,
she don't like to do homework,
and always make it last minute (like me =x)
If I not mistaken,
She like photograph and to be a model XD

Priscilla Wong Yin Ee

Ganas Girl!!!
Don't provoke her, otherwise you will die very badly.

First impression "Don't like her at all!"
Because when I first met her,
she gave me the feeling that she likes to show off.
In addition, the first time we chat in msn's conversation,
she said can't understand my English =_="
I like being instigated.

After know her better,
I notice that, she was very nice! (but still GANAS!)
Sadly I can't help her when our first presentation.

Andrenne Chung Mei Ling

Pretty Girl also =)
She is changeable...
Can be funny, can be ganas, can be crazy as well.
Don't know that was good or bad. >.<
But, I have no effect,
we still are good friend~

Felicia Tan Phaik Imm

The cutest girl in our class,
as I know, she got many pursuers in the class.
But my first impression with her was "She was like a slave"
around the entire girl.
Mean she not prominent at all...

Is actually different,
She was helpful, friendly and voluble.
She likes hang out with friends,
playing around.

Frankie Cheah Pang Fei

My roommate,
He kind of quiet person, don't like to talk.
Sometimes, he was very blur,
until what he did also can't be sure...
Sometimes, when you talk to him,
he will be stunned moment then respond to you.
Sometimes, he was stubborn,
whatever I told, he wouldn't listen,
until someone give the same criticism, he just to listen.

(After he saw this, might tell me "got meh?", might be ng song later =x)

Akito Gan Chew Sang

My Daughter!(but not girl =.=)
He not a girl, but he likes a girl... LOL
He likes a ropes, connected the whole class together.
Without him, we wouldn't know our classmate so quickly...
Without him, our class is less joy...
Without him, I will be everyday stay at home and doing nothing...
Without him, I wouldn't know what is love and care...

Do we still have chance to fun together?
Our class will become more quiet,
less the voice...
less the sound that call me "Dad"

I will again become lonely again?

Eric Leong Jing Xiang

The person who are most difficult to know.
We took more than half term to know him.
Eventually he was forced to become a member of our family,
but still not join us for any program.
So... We called him "Cold Blooded" X]

At beginning, he only talks to his friend,
Come to class, sit with his friend,
after class, went back with his friend,
and never join us for lunch.

The reason he not joins us, and we didn't invite him
is because he talks in English, and not understand Mandarin.
After we know each other, no one dared near him,
because most of them can't understand, what he was talking.
Even if his talk with us, we only for his smirking.

The funny things is,
after he tell the story, everyone in the nod,
but after he away from us, I asked them what he talking about,
Everyone replied, "I don't know!" LOL

He was very hardwork, forbid others for help,
and he don't like group work.
Won't simply waste money.
Endangered good boy... who want? LOL...

Family Tree
Daughter[Akito] and Daughter's husband[Victor])

Suddenly, I'm became father...
Suddenly, I got one daughter, one son and... a wife...
Is a bit weird, but good things is "I am not alone"
Whatever program we had, they'ld participate.
(except "that cold blood" always ignore us =x)LOL

S1T1's Group C
Jeannie, Daphne , Rehnu, Arpana, Melissa,
Alice (not inside the photo)

Not know them well,
Soonest we will be a group of good friend =)

S1T2 (Group B)

All above, might be lost some memories,
I can't even remember it.
Since my brain was empty now,
do remind me, if I missed out any happy memories with you all!

We just finished our first semester,
somethings are going to be change soon...

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