15 October 2009

Remember this, yours life will be easier

Don't mind the person who is bad for you:
In your life, no one shall have the obligation to treat you good.
For those who treat you good,
in addition to cherish and gratitude them, please also be alert,
because what they do definitely with a reason,
they treat you good,
may not because of they like you,
don't be too quick to take as true friends.

No one is irreplaceable, nothing is must have:
Through this, people around you no longer want you,
perhaps lost the love in the world,
you should understand, this is not a big deal.

Life is short, today you are wasting your life,
tomorrow you will find life have been away from you:
Therefore, the earlier you cherish life, you'll enjoy life longer.
It's better to enjoy life early than hope to have longevity.

The world does not have love with the "most":
Love is a instantaneous feeling,
this feeling will definitely change at any time, and mood.
If your so-called love leaves you, please wait patiently,
let time to develop, let the heart slowly precipitate,
Don't too longing love of beauty,
not exaggerated brokenhearted of sadness.

Although many successful people have not many education,
It not means you don't study hard, will certainly succeed:
The knowledge you learned, is the weapon you have.
Human, can start from scratch, but can't be unarmed.

Your parents wouldn't ask you to support their remaining life,
they also wouldn't support your remaining life:
When you grow up to be independent,
their responsibilities have already finished.
In future, you should take the Bus or Benz,
eat shark fin or vermicelli,
that is depending on you.

You can ask yourself faithful, but can't ask others to faithful,
you can ask yourself treat people good,
but not to expect people to treat you good:
How do you treat them, doesn't mean they will treat you the same,
if you can't see through this,
you will only ACTS more unnecessary troubles.

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